Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Does Low Spark Inc. offer same-day pickup and delivery?

No, Low Spark Inc. does not offer any same-day pickup and delivery service. Every order that Low Spark picks up is centralized at our Denver holding facility, where it is aggregated and prepared for delivery by our Warehouse Team.

When should I submit my request for transportation services?

As soon as possible. Low Spark Inc. has a team of administrators standing by to process, schedule and confirm your transportation orders. We ask that all transportation service requests are made before 4pm the day prior to the requested service date. Meaning, if you would like to schedule a Tuesday pickup at your facility, we ask that the transportation service request is sent to deliveries@lowsparkinc.com or placed on our website LowSpakinc.com before 4pm on Monday.

Can Low Spark Inc. collect payment from my customers at the time of delivery?

Absolutely. We advise that all invoices clearly indicate the payment terms, preferable method, and desired payee, if accepting a check. Also, please include contact information for a representative that can answer any questions regarding payment remittance. View Payment Approach

Does Low Spark Inc. charge an additional fee to return money they have collected on one of my invoices?

No. The money we collect for your invoice, a copy of the invoice signed by our driver and the receiving party at the destination facility, will be returned to you as soon as possible at no additional charge.

What’s a ‘Layover schedule’ and how do I include one on my manifest?

Layover schedule” allows Low Spark Inc. to warehouse your product for up to 7 days at our secured facility in Denver. Since Low Spark Inc. centralizes and stores all orders for at least one night, a “layover schedule” must be associated with our license on your manifests. To do this, simply include LSC Inc. as a transporter on your manifest (406R-00004 or 406-00004,) click the “layover” button, and include a date range that incorporates the day of pickup or dropoff and the projected date of delivery.

**Note: Please ensure that the following dates coincide accordingly:
Departure & Check In
Check Out & Arrival

You will receive all the pertinent information to include on your manifest once we have received and processed your transportation request. Instructions on manifest creation can be found in our Low Spark Order Instructions 3.0 pdf, which is available here for reference, download, or printing.

Low Spark Order Instructions 4.0

Does Low Spark Inc. charge for missed pickups?

Unfortunately, Low Spark Inc. does have to charge for any order that is not prepared at the time of attempted pickup. Low Spark Inc. has a team 20+ Logistic Specialists and vehicles that we dispatch all over the State of Colorado, daily. In an effort to provide the best transportation services in the Cannabis Industry, we often need to operate in very tight time windows. This means making sure we schedule manageable days for our drivers and maximize their time out in the field. Pickups and drop-offs need to be completed in a timely manner, so we can service all our customers’ needs as efficiently as possible.

View Low Spark Cancellation Policy.

How do I know when something is going to be delivered?

In order to meet the ever expanding transportation needs of the Cannabis Industry, Low Spark Inc. utilizes a Route Schedule, which indicates the days of the week that we service various geographical regions, and the cities that encompass them. You can reference, download, or print our Delivery Schedule here.

Is Low Spark Inc. involved in the sale or purchasing of cannabis products?

No. Low Spark Inc. is a licensed transportation service. We do not buy or sell cannabis in any form. Furthermore, Low Spark Inc. does not take ownership of any Cannabis product(s) that come into our possession, during the transportation and storage process.

What’s the difference between a “Single Request” and “Bulk Order Request?

Single Request” refers to a request for a single transportation order, while, “Bulk Order Request” refers to multiple transportation requests submitted simultaneously. Both types of orders can be placed at LowSparkinc.com or by emailing deliveries@lowsparkinc.com For a “Single Request” simply click on the link and fill out the order details requested on the online order form. For a “Bulk Order Request” you will need to download, complete, and submit our Bulk Order Request form. This simple CSV spreadsheet will allow you to include order details for many orders at once. For help filling out the “Bulk Order Request” CSV, please reference the Low Spark Order Instructions.

Downloaded your CSV file to place a “Bulk Order Request”, but I am having trouble figuring out exactly what information I am supposed to include?

Fortunately, Low Spark Inc. has a dedicated staff of administrators that are happy to answer any questions you might have, as well as walk you through the order form from start-to-finish. We have also created an instructional document which details what information is being requested on the form. You can download, print, or reference the Low Spark Order Instructions 4.0 here.

What’s a ‘transfer manifest’ and how do I make one for a Low Spark Inc. transportation order?

transfer manifest” is a METRC document which allows for the transfer of cannabis products from one licensed facility to another. A manifest must be present and accurate at the time Low Spark Inc. comes into possession of your order. Any inaccuracies must be addressed and corrected immediately to remain fully complaint with Colorado State Law. We have created an instructional document which details how to create a manifest in several different scenarios when working with Low Spark Inc. Pickups at your facility for later delivery, dropoffs at our facility for later delivery, dropoffs at our facility for later pickup, etc. It’s all covered in the Low Spark Inc. Order Instructions 3.0 pdf, which you can access here.

I need Low Spark Inc. to send me driver information, in order for me to complete my manifests. When will that information be sent to me?

Once your transportation request has been received and processed, the driver information you will need to include on your transfer manifest will be emailed to you. Any and all requests received before 4pm the day prior to requested service will be fielded and confirmed by the end-of-day. Order requests which fail to meet the 4pm deadline may be subject to rescheduling. Please see Low Spark Inc.’s Delivery Schedule here.

How long can Low Spark Inc. store my order?

Low Spark Inc. can store cannabis products for a maximum of 7 days, per Colorado State Law. Any orders in our possession for the maximum allowable time will automatically be scheduled for delivery back to the “Originating Entity” before the end of the 7th day.

When will your driver be here? I need an ETA.

Many factors can impact our drivers’ schedules while they are out in the field. Weather conditions, complications at other destinations, and road closures, for example, can cause unexpected delays and shift projected time windows for service. If you need an ETA for a pickup or delivery please call the Low Spark Inc. Administrative Team at 720-364-0459 and we will do our best to provide you with accurate information as to when you can expect our driver.

How Does Low Spark Inc. Price Pickups and Deliveries?

Low Spark Inc. charges a single pickup fee per facility. 1 facility = 1 pickup fee. Deliveries are charged on a per manifest basis. 1 manifest = 1 delivery fee. Each region we service coincides with its own delivery fee.  Please see Low Spark Inc.’s Schedule & Pricing for details.

Cancellation Policy

Payment Approach Policy

order instructions 3.0

LowSpark Policies

by using our service you agree to our policies

Cancelled Pickups?

The following items are considered a cancelled pickup, and may be subject to an additional fee:

1. Scheduled, But Not Picked Up: For all cancelled pickups in which the Low Spark driver has yet to proceeded to the pickup location, there is No Charge.

2. Picked Up & In Transit: Orders cancelled after product has already been picked up, but has not yet reached the Low Spark Facility will be subject to the respective region’s Pickup Fee

3. Facility Vacancy: If there is no one present at the point of pickup, you will still be charged the respective region’s Pickup Fee.

4. Unpreparedness: If a Low Spark driver arrives to your facility to pick up either product/payment that was previously confirmed to be prepared prior to our arrival, and leaves empty handed, you will be charged a $15 Missed Pickup Fee

Cancelled Deliveries

1. Product Storage: For all orders that require product to be stored in our Warehouse, and have their respective delivery cancelled, will be subject to paying a $15 Storage Fee.

2. Product in Transit & Not Delivered: For all orders that are on a Low Spark Truck for delivery, and are cancelled prior to arriving to the end destination, will be charged the $15 Storage Fee.

3. Product En Route or Arriving to the Destination: All orders that are cancelled while either in route to the respective facility, or after the order has arrived to the facility will be subject the Respective Delivery Fee

Cash Handling at Delivery

1. Product arrives to respective facility.

2. Buyer intakes product and confirms all necessary
aspects of delivery.

3. Buyer Signs manifest and prepares payment for Low
Spark Driver.

4. Buyer hands Low Spark Driver respective payment

5. Without counting the payment, Low Spark
immediately places respective payment in tamper proof bag, and proceeds to seal said bag, while on camera.

6. Buyer signs the sealed tamper proof bag.

7. Buyer Signs Waybill acknowledging that they have
relinquished the respective payment.

8. Low Spark Driver signs Waybill acknowledging that
they have received said payment that the Buyer has remitted.

Transportation of Payments

1. Upon leaving a delivery, all respective payments are stored in a locked, stainless steel cash safe, within the insured Low Spark vehicle.

2. All payments/paperwork are unloaded from each respective vehicle upon returning to the Low Spark Storage facility.

**All payments received after 5:00pm on the respective delivery date will not be aggregated until the following day**

Storage of Payments

1. All payments are stored in 5000lb fire proof safe.

2. Payments/paperwork are received by a Payment
Manager, who does the following:

a. Confirms that all Client paperwork has been received and signed.

b. Confirms that the physical Money bag is
c. Confirms that the monetary amount listed
on the Waybill matches the respective
d. Logs payment received in Low Spark
internal software
e. Schedules the return of the respective
payment on the next available route date.


Returning Payments

1. Payments are typically returned within 48 hours of delivery, depending on the location.

2. Low Spark Drivers sign the Low Spark Waybill for all payment returns received.

a. If more than 10 payments are being returned, a payment report is generated, which accounts for all details pertaining to the payments being returned.

b. In this instance, the Low Spark Driver will sign off on this consolidated waybill to account for all payments being received/returned.

3. Low Spark drivers remain present while the respective client counts and confirms their payment(s.)

4. Client signs Low Spark Waybill, acknowledging receiving the payment amount & type listed.