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Low Spark, Inc is proud to offer Colorado’s licensed and insured cannabis distribution center. The new facility provides state of the art cannabis transport and distribution solutions across Colorado, using our own fleet of Custom Refrigeration vehicles.

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“It’s been a real pleasure working with the Low Spark team! They give top-notch service and always rise to the challenge. I would recommend them to anyone looking to take their business to the next level! The results speak for themselves…”
- Jermey

Custom Refrigeration vehicles

Refrigerated Transportation vehicles, ensure that delicate products remain at their optimal temperature and consistency all the way through delivery.

Cannabis products such as chocolate are very sensitive to warm temperatures and susceptible to melting. However, our test product remained fully intact and retained its consistency inside our transport vehicle throughout the day.

We Follow Up

Our favorite part of the process is following up after orders to make sure our clients are happy with the quality and speed of the delivery! This is the Low Spark Team – We listen to you.

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Online Transportation Request

With our industry leading online Transportation Request, you can request transportation form anywhere. Our system works on Computers, Tablets, Cellphones, and more!! 

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Soaring Profits

With our transportation services you can watch your profits soar.

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End your search for a Cannabis Transportation Service! Lowspark Inc. is Colorados #1 transportation company.

Online requests

Request delivery anywhere on any device. We understand you are business; therefore we made our system work on any device including mobile devices!

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Request transportation form anywhere. Our system works on Computers, Tablets, Cellphones, and more.

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We love staying in touch with our clients & making sure we meet all your cannabis transportation needs.

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Need to make a bulk order? The process is simple.

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